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Social worker by profession,

very involved in our community. Married with 3 children and children now 28, 30 and 32. 3 fabulous grandchildren. Our children always been involved in community of Burlington too! Brock hosted a fundraiser, fashion show in the fall of 2009 in support of JCC and to celebrate the end of my treatment! 15 years did volunteer events for Breast Cancer with Joelle and Juravinski. (before my diagnosis)
My Mom had LUMPECTOMY in 2005. That was only family member with BC. Found out later through my daughter Natalie’s genetic counselling that my grandma was full of cancer when she died.
Valentines weekend 2009, found lump on right breast, hard and moving?
Continued to be sore and saw my GP who ordered tests and within a few days diagnosed on 49th birthday with BC, Grade 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Was very fortunate my surgeon DR. Kancherla had space to do my mastectomy the next week. Right radical modified mastectomy. Quickly things happened which was a relief as the waiting would kill me. Family shocked and worried but we embraced it, dealt with it and was glad to start this new journey ahead. Has always feared cancer but I had a great outlook and felt very comforted and taken care of. SO MUCH SUPPORT!
Became very involved in my treatment and learned so much about my cancer, research, JCC, etc. Did the chemo, radiation while working about 30 hours a week and completed all treatment in October 2009.
Totally embraced this challenge as a new adventure, and detour in my journey of life and saw all the opportunities to make change and help others. Became more involved in JCC as well as the Burlington events. Heard of RUN at the JCC and I had always done Run for the Cure but after being treated at JCC and doing some fundraising work also for the Foundation through my work at Investors Group, I knew I had to be a team captain and recruit my team to choose this run. I love where the funds go and the fact it stays in the community for research and to help us patients!!!!!!!!! Most important!!!
Became more involved in 2016-17 when Nancy McMillan asked me to sit on the fundraising committee!
Enjoyed it and my volunteer at the JCC and hospital to promote the RUN but was interested in this new
COMMUNITY CONNECTOR role as they call me the “connector” as that is what I do best, connecting many I have worked with over the years, as well as patients and others I have met interested in getting more involved. I am also mentoring others to do this and have enjoyed working with Lesley Desousa as we are visiting businesses and stores and offices of those involved in the BC issues. (Lingerie and mastectomy wear, Dr’s offices, hair salons, clothing stores and any other supporters and partners)
When I visit the stores and the cancer resource programs, I also leave my book I wrote 2 years ago so they can understand why I need to give back and how we need to help fill some of the gaps and help the patients and their families.
The response has been very good and I have been well received. It was a great idea to get the brochures and posters out earlier in an effort to get others to commit earlier as there are so many events and it has been getting harder to get sponsors and more partners.
My hope is that we continue to heighten the awareness and programs at JCC and the resources available to women and their families. This diagnosis is LIFE CHANGING and affects a woman and their family and we need to provide the support from diagnosis to treatment and aftercare.
The RUN and my journey has been enlightening and empowering and I am blessed to have had the JCC and the many Doctors, nurses, therapists and friends to get me through and encourage me to continue their great work.